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Love, Care, Compassion & Dignity.

How Our House Was Started

The thought of opening a residential care home specifically for people with dementia and their families came to us during our own personal experience.


Angie came to live with us after her husband died suddenly. We lived miles apart for years but made frequent visits. We had never noticed the signs of forgetfulness or anything different until years later after we stopped and looked back. We wished we had some good help and advice as we approached the challenges ahead. Most of our help came from others that had experienced similar situations. We diagnosed Angie and then a Doctor confirmed. After much insisting, Doctors found that this very healthy woman was suffering from Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, and Osteoporosis. Now we had a lot of learning to do. To us, the most important thing was to comfort Angie and to learn as much as we could in order to take good care of her. We learned a lot just from our daily routines, we laughed and we cried as we still do today. We felt so helpless when all of this happened that we decided to dedicate ourselves and our experience to other people and their families; to insure them a comforting, safe, and loving environment to live in.


Angie passed away in March of 2001 but her memory

will always live on at "Our House."

Angelina Patorti Innone

June 4, 1928 - March 30, 2001

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